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Jan-Phillip Schmitt

Jan-Phillip Schmitt

Ergon Brand Ambassador

Hello! Welcome to my blog where I will document my travels around the Ergon and cycling culture in America!

I’m Jan-Philipp Schmitt from Germany, but please call me Schmitti!

I work for Ergon , based in Koblenz, Germany and I am on a mission to discover the American Way of Bike. My goal is to travel to the most beautiful cycling regions in America and meet like minded bike enthusiasts. There are many differences in the bike culture between Europe and America, I will seek out the people who can show me what America has to offer. Traveling from April to October from one Ergon retailer to the next, I will meet other passionate individuals and share the stoke of pedaling 2 wheels. As a die-hard cyclist myself, I breathe, eat, and sleep mountain biking and bring to the table a lot of experience in tech and ergonomics.

When you see the Ergon  van in your town or on the highway, don’t hesitate to stop me and ask me anything about Ergon and your bike ergonomics needs .

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Check out my personal highlight from this year's Interbike show, the Ergon Bike ST Core Saddle with a revolutionary twin shell concept and the awesome Infinergy material. 😍🙌🏽💯‼️ Available by February 2018 in a men and a women version for 149.95 $ MSRP 👊🏽💨

If Brett Tippie (official) shows up at your booth, always be prepared to laugh a lot and have your camera ready! 🤣👌🏽Craaaaaazy dude! 👊🏽💃🏼

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Fat, fatter, GA2 Fat 💯‼️Another awesome Ergon Bike product presented by another awesome Team Topeak-Ergon athlete, Mr. Jeff Kerkove! Black, red and blue colors for 29,95 $ 👊🏽💨