Hello America!

Here I am!

The airplane door opens and I set foot on American soil. I walk down the gangway, pass the ID check and get the stamp, which allows me to stay in america until mid of October! Chaka! I wait at the baggage claim, pick up my two cases and can’t wait to exit the airport building. Yeah, but there is still the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection. Extra check for me! On the plane i ticked that i’m importing product samples for the Sea Otter Classic festival. I was prepared to show them all my shirts, socks, panties and of course the samples. But, i just needed to answer some simple questions, nothing more.

So the doors open and i meet Jeffrey, the VP of Ergon USA.

It’s my 4th stay in the United States, but the very first one for such a long period and unknown experience. The flight was very good.



Unbelievable. After 15 month of planning and preparing, the project became reality.

It needed countless hours of discussions, phone calls and emails to check, organize, book and prepare the skeleton for this experience. Visa, car, bike, credit card, university, health insurance, flights, tech stuff, route, test samples, advertisement stuff, business cards, cell phone contract, etc. had to prepared carefully and well-conceived.

But now I’m here and can finally begin my Trip!

6 thoughts on “Hello America!

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